Since 2009, Premier Therapeutic Experience has been providing mental health services to the greater Seattle area.


Our Mission

Premier Therapeutic Experience provides evidence-based mental health counseling, substance abuse therapy, and co-occurring treatment methods for individuals, families, groups, and couples. And we're the first to provide a cutting edge therapeutic approach that utilizes Functional Action Sport Therapy (FAST)! Christian Values lie at the core of our practice. As Bible believing christians, we have faith Jesus Christ is ultimately the answer for redemption, healing, and transformation. We are aware that not everybody shares the same belief, therefore, we strive to meet the client where he or she is on their spiritual journey.

If we already knew everything that everybody knows, we would have nothing to learn tonight.
— Jack Johnson

Our Services


Individual therapy

We provide individual therapy for children, adolescents, men and women with a wide range of presenting issues. Our primary therapeutic modality is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; connecting the beliefs, cognition and behaviors of the client.


Couples therapy

We provide couples therapy with a Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Level 1 & 2), Solution Focused, and Prepare & Enrich approach for those engaged in romantic relationships, seeking pre-marital counseling and couples who are married.


family therapy

We provide family therapy for clients whether the family consists of siblings, the whole family or a parent and child.


Group therapy

We provide various groups ranging from couples’ groups that focus on team building and cohesion to groups geared towards adolescents and teenagers that take place outside of the office on the slopes and on the trails to work on social skills, increase self-esteem and build peer relationships.